About Us


Serving clients who demand personal attention and responsive legal services, coupled with exceptional judgment.

Taking a page from its entrepreneurial clients, BrownTechLegal is dedicated to offering valuable legal services to its clients by dispensing with expensive overhead, creating a nimble legal team and offering competitive pricing arrangements.

Our mid-town Manhattan offices, near Rockefeller Center, allow for convenient access when a personal meeting with Peter Brown is necessary. Most of our legal support professionals work remotely and they occasionally use our offices when meeting with clients or preparing for court deadlines.

The Principal of BrownTechLegal, Peter Brown, has counseled entrepreneurial companies, financial services companies, robotics companies, health care providers, electronic component manufacturers and traditional companies in New York and across the U.S. for many years. He also serves as an arbitrator to assist in the resolution of business disputes involving information technology.

Peter Brown is recognized as one of New York’s pioneering lawyers in helping businesses create, implement and protect technology.