BrownTechLegal is building a team of first tier associates and support staff to provide legal services on a regional and national level. BrownTechLegal’s staff operates in a virtual law firm environment which allows for rapid and responsive service, maximum flexibility as to work hours and little or no commuting for most employees. BrownTechLegal will provide the software tools so that you can work from anywhere, on your own schedule. Assigned projects may extend from a few hours to several weeks. In turn, you will be expected to be mature, professional, dedicated and timely in completing all assigned matters.

Please submit your application, resume and law school transcript to: employment@browntechlegal.com. We will respond only to resumes of interest. Please do not call our busy offices unless we contact you first.


BrownTechLegal is currently seeking qualified professionals in the following areas:

Attorney-Information Technology Transactions

Applicants should have 3 or more years experience in reviewing, drafting and negotiating the agreements commonly used by information technology companies and their customers including: software licenses, app or software development projects, outsourcing, cloud computing, NDAs, sales and distribution agreements, web site privacy policies and terms of use. Applicants must be admitted in the US. Quality academic and work history required.

Attorney-Commercial, Intellectual Property and Information Technology Litigation

Applicants should have 3 or more years experience in New York state and federal litigation. Applicants should have experience in drafting complaints, answers, discovery demands, motions and pre-trial documents. Experience in preparing for and conducting witness depositions, court hearing and trials a plus. Some matters may require review of discovery documents. Applicant may be required to appear in New York City area courts for motions or hearings. Applicant may be required work at BrownTechLegal’s offices for parts of specific litigation matters. Admission in New York necessary. Quality academic and work history required.


Applicants must be a law school graduate and admitted to practice law. Assignments may involve either transactional or litigation matters relating to information technology or other matters of concern to the firm’s clients. Some assignments will involve legal research and drafting of client memoranda. Applicants must be interested in learning the field of intellectual property, technology and information technology. Exceptional legal analysis and writing skills are expected. Quality academic history required.


Applicants must have prior experience in New York area court procedures, court/litigation documents and electronic filing procedures. Applicants will assist in drafting, preparing, proofreading and filing documents in local New York courts. Applicant may be required to work at BrownTechLegal’s offices on specific projects.

Legal assistant

Applicants will provide secretarial, word processing and organizational support for BrownTechLegal’s founder. Assignments may involve contracts, legal memoranda or litigation documents. Experience in preparing court pleadings, motions, affidavits and related documents required. Applicant must be flexible to meet the demands of the firm’s clients and court deadlines. Initially, applicant is expected to have 15 to 30 hours of assigned work per week. Applicant will be required to work at BrownTechLegal’s offices 1 or 2 days per week, depending on client demand.

Legal intern (law students only)

Applicant must have an interest in intellectual property and technology. A technical degree in computer science or a related field would be a plus. Assignments will involve legal research, drafting legal memoranda, drafting blogs/articles for publication, contract review, first drafts of court pleadings and assisting at depositions.
Quality academic history required.

BrownTechLegal is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome applications without regard to age, sex, ethnicity or background.